Weight Loss Myth Busting #2

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Hands up those who ate lots of chocolate over Easter? *Me!!* Hands up who feels really guilty now that they ate lots of chocolate?……….Not me!! If you are going to eat chocolate at least enjoy it and take ownership of your decision to eat it. You are always in control of what you eat and the time you pass that control over to the ‘FOOD’ then you will lose the weight battle every time. Hands up those who are wanting […]

Weight loss Myth busting #1

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How many times a day are you subjected to the hype of the latest ‘Magic Weight Loss Pill”? or how about the scientifically proven “Gel” that if rubbed on the area you wish to lose the body fat from, it will disappear in just 2 DAYS! Why are you laughing? Have you seen some of these products be advertised already today? Well, what I would like to do first is let you know that it is vital that you know […]

Are you tired of the kids wanting a ‘snack’ every time you leave the house? Then you by them what you believe is healthy at the store? Are you going insane trying to get your kids to eat nutritious foods? Or have you tried every “fad” snack bar? Do you skip meals because you have no time and no place to get anything healthy? Healthy foods are yummy to eat even for kids! And healthy snacks do not need to […]

Free consult

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We know how difficult finding an effective workout regime can be. If you are serious about getting results and reclaiming your fitness, health, and energy and stop “spinning your wheels” once and for all, please don’t wait another minute to contact us. We are happy to provide you with a free, no-obligation individual online assessment This helps us get to know you and your goals better and if our services can suit your needs

10 Fitness Facts that in reality are fitness myths Fitness Myth 1: Cardio Warm up before weight training: In our opinion this is incorrect. You should warm up before starting any exercise program. Gently stretching out and warming up your muscles before (and after) you exercise is the best way to prevent against painful sports injuries, tendinitis and reducing flexibility. Our answer: We always warm up before we train, always movement, never static stretching. Static stretching can overstretch the muscle before […]

FITT Principles

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The FITT PRINIPLES The FITT PRINCIPLES cover your practical application of what you want to achieve. The first FREQUENCY, It has always been said that you need 3 sessions per week to start then anything on top of that is a bonus. Our opinion now in being in the industry is that for a beginner to intermediate level 4 sessions peer week is minimum and 4-5 sessions from an intermediate to advanced level. If you haven’t got the time, just […]

SMART Principles

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The SMART PRINIPLES If the aim for you is to lose weight/reduce body fat/change shape/improve fitness/rehabilitation/ increase muscle or a combination of the above you must come with a plan of attack to achieve your SPECIFIC goals. Your results should have sometime of MEASUREABLE accountability, either by, weight, skin folds, body composition testing, BMI,  bio feedback before or after photos, girth measurements or weight. They all have their pros and cons to benefit so just be cautious of the quality […]

The Truth About Steady State Cardio

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Welcome to our first article. As mentioned we want to give you as much value as we can, so we will be giving you information that hopefully will answer your questions about fitness and the lifestyle in general. Please feel free to reply to any of our forum articles. So we thought we would firstly explain to you our philosophy on our training so you understand the reason why we do what we do. We will show you factual information […]


Females don’t be afraid of weight training: The tight muscles possessed by natural physique athletes both female and male, are a result of 2 things 1) Intense weight training 2) Strict diet Weight training builds and maintains the muscles that give those bodies their shape and form and the diets strip body fat to low levels so these muscles show. In my opinion, cardio training doesn’t need to have a huge place in your training…… I would put it third in priority […]